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Sponsor an event

A great way to get that extra exposure for your business is to sponsor one of our Fruits with a Twist events.

The benefits to your organisation are:

  • Naming rights as our corporate sponsor.
  • Placement of logos and signage.
  • A short presentation (2 to 5 minutes) at the event you sponsor.
  • Placement of your promotional material at the event.
  • Your business name included in our messages to our members via Facebook, Meetup, Twitter, Email and Text Message.
  • Listing your business name and logo on our website.
  • 5 x free entry tickets to the event to give away to your employees or special guests.
  • Sponsorship provides your business with a commercially viable and unique way of marketing your business. Contact us to discuss further and reserve your event.

Being a community partner at an event

The Pride Business Network is committed to supporting community groups and organisations. We are highly supportive of cross-promotion for other not-for-profit community groups who feel they would benefit in getting the word out about their organisation through our events and members.

The benefits to your organisation are:

  • Named community sponsor for the event (at the event and in our messages to our members), including placement of logos, signage and promotional material.
  • Donation of all raffle proceeds to your association.
  • A short presentation (2 to 5 minutes) at the event to promote your not-for-profit organisation.
  • Free entry for 5 guests (or more if needed) who are part of your committee/team.
  • Listing under the Community Links section on our website.

Being a community partner is free. Contact us if you are interested in partnering with us at one of our Fruits with a Twist events.

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