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The Pride Business Network provides a forum for Professionals & Business Owners that helps create long lasting partnerships, lead generation, ideas & education through events and networking opportunities.

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Pride Business Network | LGBTIQA+ Professionals & Business Owners

Our History

As a non-profit community organisation, the Pride Business Network was founded in the early 1980s by a group of people committed to networking LGBTIQ+ businesses in Brisbane. The socio-political factors that affected business operators and professionals in our community have changed significantly since the incorporation of the Free Business Association (later renamed The Gay and Lesbian Business Network, and more recently the Pride Business Network), however, its intents and purposes have not.

Our vision, mission & values

To be a respected model of a networking organisation, which creates success for our members, as professionals and business owners in our community.


We strive to provide a relevant and value driven service, in order to best meet our vision, via education, mentoring, support and social opportunities.


The Pride Business Network has 5 key values that makeup the core ideology of our organisation. These are: Collaboration, Contribution, Celebration, Integrity, Inclusiveness.

Pride Business Network | LGBTIQA+ Professionals & Business Owners

Our Values at PBN

working in partnership with our community.

providing tangible benefits for our community.

ensuring innovation and optimism are acknowledged by our community.

increasing respect for members within our community.

providing opportunities for all in our community.

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